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3D FABRIC Carbon Fiber Wrap Vinyl

3D Carbon Fiber Fabric comes with strong adhesive backing. There is no need to apply glue to the back of the carbon fiber fabric. 3D carbon fiber fabric can be re-lifted, repositioned, and stretched. It is very flexible and easy to work with. Easily conform to cuves an edges. Apply dry, no need for use of water and soap solution. No heat needed. If working around complex curves and edges, you can apply low heat to help with adhesion.

3D carbon fiber fabric is for interior use. Outdoor use is not recommended. It is very easy to work with. Use 3D carbon fiber fabric on the interior your your vehicles like interior trims and panels, on boombox, cell phones, laptops, video consoles, table top, etc... Any smooth, hard, non-porous surface can be accented with 3D carbon fiber fabric.
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