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Smoking Skull Decal Sticker

Smoking Skull Decal Sticker

Most of the decal pictures on our site are shown in black color for easy viewing, but you can choose from a wide selection of vinyl colors we carry, click on View Vinyl Color Chart. The decal sticker is a computer precision die cut graphic from high quality vinyl. The background and cut out area of the vinyl decal are clear and see through. The sticker's background color will be whatever surface color you applied the decal on (see installation example pics below). The decal can be placed on any flat or simple curve surface such as windows, trunk panels, glass, plastic, metal, and painted wood. You can apply decal stickers on your car, boat, truck, motorcycle, helmet, suv, 4x4 or any other vehicle. Our stickers are made from outdoor-grade performance vinyl and will last years without fading.

You can add custom text to your graphic decal. We have 5 sample templates you can choose from below. Your graphic decal will replace the one shown in the sample template. Be sure to specify the template # in the options below when ordering. There is a a 30 characters limit per line of text. If you do exceed the characters limit, the decal size may increase and you "may" get charge extra.

Custom Decal Sticker Template

Cut Style

Reverse cut is made by flipping the image over, producing a "mirror image". You'll need a reverse cut in such instances as: 1.) as to let the drivers in front of you see your decal normally on your front windshield when looking through their cars' rear view mirror, 2.) when installing the decal on the inside of your car window, or 3.) a left or right facing type graphic, so the graphics are facing in the same direction when applied to each side of the car. Most decals are installed on the outside surface of materials and in normal cut. Installing decals on the inside of your vehicle window reduces visibility a little bit, especialy on tinted windows. Only the standard vinyl colors can be used for outside or inside installation.

Our vinyl decals have strong adhesive backing. You can drive your car in minutes after installation, but we do recommend you wait for a few days before washing your car. Each decal comes with transfer tape for easy application to any smooth, hard surface.The installation pics example below shows a silver decal sticker being applied on a dark tinted window. Notice how the surface of the dark tinted window becomes the background color for the decal sticker.

Decal Sticker Installation Guide

Ordering easy. Choose the size and color you want for the decal sticker in the options below. If you are adding custom text, be sure to specify a template # and enter your custom text in the options below. If applicable, please include a note in the Special Instructions text box below to help us process your order. If you need a specific size or multi-color decal you can send us an email or message here: Request A Customize Version!

Note: If you are applying decal stickers on the inside of your car window using the mirror image cut, ONLY the Standard vinyl colors are nearly the same on the face side and on the adhesive side. All other vinyl materials are not the same on the adhesive side as they are on the pretty front side, therefore will not look the same if applied inside facing out.

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Note: The width will be proportional to the height of the decal chosen. Remember to choose a template number if you are adding custom text.
Our price: $6.99
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